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Ruben Gonzalez

the Luge Man

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Motivational Speakers
are like Deodorant!

"I don't believe in traditional motivational speakers. Motivation is not effective because it comes from the outside. Motivation is someone else pushing you to do something. With motivation, even if you do get excited, the feeling wears out in 90 days.

That's why I always say motivation is like deodorant - you need to constantly reapply it because it wears out!

Inspiration is completely different. Inspiration comes from the inside. From your heart. From your soul. Inspiration doesn't wear out. 


Watch Ruben in action here:


"Terrific! Uplifting and Inspiring" I cannot wait to  get back to the office to send an e-mail to my two sons and share the "Success Tips" I got from Ruben's Speech. I'd like to see Ruben back next year!"


Sylvia Garcia  - Houston Association of Health Underwriters


Seeing Scott Hamilton win the Men's Figure Skating Olympic Gold Medal in the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics changed my life. Scott Hamilton lit a fire inside me. Seeing his victory inspired me to do whatever it took to make my Olympic dream come true. He didn't just motivate me, he inspired me.

Even though I was never a great athlete (I was a second stringer in my college soccer team) and even that I was way too old to pick up a new sport and hope that I could reach Olympic levels, it was within me. Greatness was within me (like it is will all of us) but I needed that spark - that magical spark of inspiration to get me to believe that I could (click here to listen to a 2 minute audio clip of this story).

Many people tried to talk me out of my Olympic dream. They said it was not realistic. What they did not understand was that when you are inspired, and when you believe in your dream, if you want it bad enough the facts don't count. If you are just motivated, when the going gets tough, you quit.

My audiences buy into my message and are inspired from my story because I was not a gifted athlete. The fact that I am an ordinary person who accomplished the extraordinary takes my audiences excuses away. It gets them to believe that they can do it too. They are not just motivated, they are inspired.


"Ruben received more favorable comments than any speaker we've had this year. All of the members were inspired by his talk. I would heartily recommend your consideration of Ruben Gonzalez as a keynote speaker."

Gail Stolzenburg - President  Business Network Alliance


That's why I don't just motivate (motivating someone is a piece of cake.) I inspire people. I become that spark that gets the audience members to believe in themselves and become unstoppable on the way to their goals.

Don't think twice about it. Pick up the phone, give me a call, and let's chat. Let's find out if I might be the spark your people need to get them moving to the next level."

Ruben Gonzalez - 832-689-8282 - ruben@thelugeman.com 


"To hear Ruben Gonzalez relate his experiences as he set his goals to compete in the Winter Olympics three times, was exhilarating!  His tenacity, his commitment to his goals and his enthusiasm is enough to inspire even the most disillusioned person to begin a plan of action.  His strategy on how to build a "winning team" that will support and encourage your vision and goals makes a lot of sense not only in the sports world but in any area of our lives!  Thank you Ruben for sharing your dream with us."

Erlinda Portillo -  Hispano Chamber of Commerce de Las Cruces, Public Relations and Special Events Chair



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Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

Salt Lake City Olympics - 84 MPH - click here



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