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Ruben Gonzalez

the Luge Man

Three Time Olympian        Peak-Performance Expert         Motivational  Speaker















































































































































































































































































































































































I am a proud member of Athletes & Executives.


A&E  is a private, members only national organization. Their members are senior-level business executives, many of whom are former professional athletes. 


A&E connects their members for the specific purpose of serious business networking.


Thanks to A&E I was able to connect with Olympic Downhill Skier Jeff Olson. And now, thanks to this A&E connection, Jeff will be a big part of our camp.


Thanks A&E!


If building your business is important to you, you owe it to yourself to check out A&E.


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High Achievers...

Take Your "Game" To The Olympic Level!



Have You Ever Dreamed of Competing in the Olympics?

Finally, You can Discover for Yourself what Olympic Competition is Really Like!


Closing ceremoniesOlympics


Ruben's High Achiever's Camp and Corporate Retreat

Two and a half days of High-Octane Fun!
at the  
Utah Olympic Park the official site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games


March 13-15  2007


The Experience that will propel You and Your Team to the Top!


Utah Olympic Park - click here in Beautiful Park City, Utah!


Are you ready to experience breakthroughs in all aspects of your life and career?


     The latest business and psychological studies show time and time again that the #1 thing that holds people back from reaching their full potential is fear of failure.

     If there was a way you could become more action oriented so you could take full advantage of life's opportunities and achieve extraordinary results you'd probably be interested in it, wouldn't you? Well... 


Fasten Your Seatbelt because after this Camp, You’ll NEVER be the Same!



Because, at the High Achiever's Camp You will…


Speed down an ice chute on a bobsled from 40 stories high and experience what 5G’s of force feels like!

(Don't worry, we use pro drivers!)





Eat an Incredible Gourmet Dinner in a Mongolian Yurt at 8000 Feet Elevation.. under the full moon!










Walk the halls of History through the

Olympic park museum,












See for yourself what it must be like to ski jump as you...

 Scream down the mountain side on a zip line at a heart racing pace of 55 MPH following the same path Ski Jumpers take in Olympic Competition!









Take your best shot at the Biathlon course,








 Feel free to stick around to Ski the Best Powder in the World…

alongside Olympic Skiers! 



but most important of all…

 Come out knowing that YOU and Your Team have what it takes to realize your most audacious goals and dreams!





This is truly THE chance of a lifetime!


Your Elite Corporate Team will be able to partake in this life changing and charging event, where you will not just be a spectator at another “motivational” seminar but a fully involved participant who will become part of this historical event itself.


Call TODAY  to reserve a spot for your company.



Prepare yourself for an experiential couple of days you will never forget. 


Get ready to spend two and a half days with some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet - including:





Three-time Luge Olympian and inspirational speaker Ruben Gonzalez who will reveal how to Become Unstoppable while sharing the 7 Success Secrets of High Achievers.








Everest Summiteer Dean Cardinale who will show you How to Summit Your Own Challenges.

Dean is in charge of avalanche control for the SnowBird Mountain Resort. Dean will take us back country where he will orchestrate the best teamwork exercise you will ever experience - an avalanche disaster        search-and-rescue mission where we all get to participate hands on.






Two-time Olympian, three-time National Downhill Champion Jeff Olson , co-founder of Well Nourished Worldwide will show you cutting edge health and nutritional techniques that will help you perform at your peak.

If you are an avid skier, you'll have the opportunity of spending an optional third day skiing with Jeff.

(Read the note on the left to learn how we were able to connect with Jeff...)





Bill Walsh, the High Powered CEO of   Powerteam International

The #1 Coaching Organization in the Direct Marketing Industry will share his secrets of success!

You'll learn advanced leadership and communication skills and how to be more influential with everyone you meet.





Then sit back and take in the wisdom from none other than,



Gregory Scott Reid,  #1 Best Selling Author of The Millionaire Mentor and Positive Impact,  and co-creator of the award-winning movie Pass It On  will show you How you too, can Mentor your way toward millions. Greg owns several businesses including restaurants and retail stores. He'll show you how to motivate your team to achieve extraordinary results!




     In addition to the sessions and the confidence and team building exercises, there will be plenty of time for questions, roundtables and interactivity where everyone will learn from each other's insights and experiences. You will leave the camp supercharged and ready to take your career and your personal life to the top!



“Looking back on life, will our biggest regrets be of the things we did – or missing out on the challenges we wished we would have attempted?”




At the 2007 High Achievers Camp you will receive all of this and more:



  • Local transportation to and from the activities

  • Hotel Accomodations*

  • Food and Beverages (Including the Yurt Experience)

  • Olympic Park activity fees (Bobsled, Zipline, etc.)

  • World Class Speakers with messages that will both educate and inspire.

  • Olympic Village Tour

  • Olympic Museum Tour

  • Optional Ski Package - With an Olympic Skier

  • The opportunity to learn new business strategies while having the time of your life!

This Event WILL Sell Out!

Limited Enrollment - Only 13 spaces are still available.




Sounds Terrific! What's the Cost?

If you don't participate, the COST is a lifetime of "half-living." A lifetime of regretting that you're not reaching your full potential.

When you participate in the High Achiever's Camp and develop the habits of champions, you will enjoy the dividends of renewed zest for life, a brighter and more constructive outlook, greater happiness, business growth, financial gain, and a more meaningful and fulfilling life!

That's a HUGE GAIN!

Enroll, participate and start a new life today. The tax-deductible tuition of $4777 per individual ($4277 per person for groups of 2 or more, $3997 per person for groups of 6 or more, $3497 per person for groups of 10 or more) includes luxurious resort accommodations, local transportation to and from the activities, meals, and Olympic Park fees.

Enroll today! It will change your life!

Call Julie at 877-303-3304 for more details!




*Although it is not necessary for you to be an athletic condition to participate, all attendees should be of general good physical health for this retreat.


*Please note: each participant is responsible for their own air transportation to the and from the event (we will provide transportation during the event).




Top Leaders share praise for Greg and Ruben's work:

"Ruben speaks from both his head and heart, and inspires ordinary people, convincing them they can do extraordinary things."

- Zig Ziglar, author, See You at the Top!




"Everyone needs a mentor to get to the next level. This...is an entertaining and helpful blueprint for you to follow."

- Brian Tracy, author, Create Your Own Future



"Motivating and Inspiring!"

- Steven Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People




"...Will help guide you in the direction of becoming a better person."

- Don Green, Executive Director Napoleon Hill Foundation




"No Olympian I have ever met has more of what it takes to make a champion than Ruben Gonzalez."

- Denis Waitley, author, The Psychology of Winning




"...teaches the business world how to attain enduring success by changing our views from focusing on profits, to focusing on people."

- Joe Heaney, Former President CornNuts snack food



Life is a Game. Play to Win! Sign up TODAY!

We're looking forward to seeing you in beautiful Park City


An Olympic-caliber Winter Wonderland



Call now to reserve your place in history!


For details on how we can create an unforgettable retreat for your team, call:

 Julie at 877-303-3304



Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

Salt Lake City Olympics - 84 MPH











Ruben Gonzalez     832-689-8282  

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