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Leaders are Readers

"The books you read and the people you associate with will determine where you are in five years."

Olympic motivational speaker will make your next meeting unforgettable.


Becoming an expert in any subject is a byproduct of years of study fueled by a passionate desire to learn everything about the subject.


Ruben has always been driven to learn anything that could possibly give him an edge in sports and in business. The average American reads one book a year. It only takes reading a book a month to be in the top 5% of readers in the US. Every year since 1984, Ruben has read at least a book a week! Most of the time he's working on four or five books at a time. 


On top of that, since 1984, Ruben has listened to over 1000 tapes on peak-performance and self improvement. Ruben has attended over 100 seminars in the last ten years!


Ruben distills the information and though application and deep study, shares his insights with his audiences. 


The following are some of Ruben's favorite books: 



As a Man Thinketh

- James Allen



Success! the Glen Bland Method

- Glenn Bland



How to Win Friends and Influence People

-Dale Carnegie



Manís Search for Meaning

- Viktor Frankl



How to Have Power and Confidence in Dealing with  People

-Les Giblin



Think & Grow Rich

- Napoleon Hill



Life is Tremendous

- Charlie Jones



See You at the Top

-Zig Ziglar



Personality Plus

- Florence Littauer



You and Your Network

- Fred Smith



The Power of Positive Thinking

- Norman Vincent Peale



Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do

- Robert Schuller



Slaying The Dragon

- Michael Johnson



Create Your Own Future

-Brian Tracy



Seeds of Greatness

-Dennis Waitley



The Alchemist

-Paulo Coelho



Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

- Kevin Scott



Becoming A Person of Influence

- John Maxwell



Winning Every Day

- Lou Holtz



Rhinoceros Success

- Scott Alexander



They Call Me Coach

- John Wooden



Awaken The Giant Within

- Tony Robbins



I Dare You

- William Danforth



Dare To Win 

- Mark Victor Hansen



The Magic Of Thinking Big

- David Schwartz



Finding The Champion Within

- Bruce Jenner



The Total Money Makeover

- Dave Ramsey



The Power of Full Engagement

- Jim Loehr



My Utmost for His Highest

- Oswald Chambers



The Traveler's Gift

- Andy Andrews



Wooden on Leadership

- John Wooden



General Patton's Principles

- Porter Williamson






Success leaves clues. Reading the lives of people who have accomplished great things will helps develop belief, and shows us what works and does not work in life.


In fact, in the olden days, reading biographies was part of people's education. People like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson learned their leadership skills by reading biographies.


At home, my wife Cheryl and I regularly read biographies to our daughter Gabriela and our son Gracen. Our kids are learning the great thoughts of great people. Our finished product will be their raw material. Imagine what they will accomplish in 20 years!


The biographies of the following people have made an impact in my life.



General George Patton



George Washington



General Norman Schwarzkopf



Sam Walton



Dave Thomas



Ray Kroc



Harlan Sanders



Robert Schuller



John Wooden



Lou Holtz



Ronald Reagan



Abraham Lincoln



Thomas Jefferson



Nelson Mandela



Billy Graham



Viktor Frankl



Donald Trump



Michael Johnson



Mother Theresa






Winston Churchill



Bruce Jenner



Rich DeVos



Inspirational Movies


Chariots Of Fire


Cool Runnings




Magnificent Obsession


Master and Commander


The Rookie


Captains Courageous


Iron Will


16 Days of Glory




Apollo 13




The Right Stuff














Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

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