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Ruben's Rules

Insights, Nuggets, Words of Wisdom and Success Principles Right out of Ruben's Presentations




"You will never achieve anything great in life until you start believing that something inside you is bigger than the circumstances you face."





"Great people  became great by making a decision to pursue their dream in life and by refusing to give up. "





"The struggle we must all face on the road to our dreams is what makes us great."





"Ordinary people can become extraordinary if they dedicate their lives to the pursuit of their dreams."





"Every success you've ever had or will ever have is the product of your courage to act and the courage to endure."





"I didnít make it because of superior athletic ability. I made it because I refused to quit."





"Success is not about how much talent you have. Itís about what you do with the talent you do have."





"Successful people love the battle, the challenge and the journey. Itís about knowing that you did your best. "





"If you will do whatever it takes for however long it takes and refuse to quit, success is only a matter of time."









Ruben's Success Formula


(B + D + A) x A = S


(Belief + Desire + Attitude) x Action = Success


If you believe something is possible and you want it badly enough, and you have the attitude that you are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to make it happen, by taking persistent and consistent action, success is just a matter of time.*


* This is assuming you are operating in arena that you are suited to play in. No amount of work and positive attitude will turn Shaquille O'Neil into a winning horse jockey!










Ruben is as experienced a motivational speaker as you could ever hope to have. Call today and make your next event unforgettable.

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Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

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