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The "Rudy" of the Olympics


Motivate your children to succeed in life.

Motivate your children to succeed in life.

From Warming up the Bench to Competing in the Olympics in Four Years Flat!


Ruben Gonzalez is one of the most genuine, approachable people you will ever meet. He has made a difference in many people's lives but, when asked about his success, Ruben insists that he is the one who has been blessed.

Ruben attributes much of his success in life to his beliefs that life is an adventure and that you muss dare to chase your dreams. When he was a boy, Ruben read countless adventure books. These books instilled in Ruben a desire to live an adventurous life.

Ever since he can remember, Ruben had a dream to compete in the Olympic Games. "I respected the Olympians because they were an example of all I believed in - they were willing to commit to a goal, willing to risk in the pursuit of it, willing to fail and to keep on trying until they succeeded."

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Ruben was just an "average" athlete. He was a second stringer in his college soccer team. But something happened in 1984 that changed Ruben's life. At the age of 21, Ruben saw Scott Hamilton win the Olympic Gold Medal at the Sarajevo Olympics and he was inspired to find a sport and begin training for the Olympics. 

In 1984 Ruben started training for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. His sport - The Luge. Hurling down an icy track at over 80 MPH. Most Olympic luge athletes began luging at age 12. Ruben first got on a luge sled at age 21. The challenges Ruben had to overcome make Ruben's story powerful. Ruben has been called "the Rudy of the Olympics". 

Many crashes and many broken bones later, Ruben's dream became a reality when he qualified to compete in the Calgary Olympics. He went on to compete in the Albertville Olympics, in the Salt Lake City Olympics and in the Vancouver Olympics (at the age of 47). He was so much older than the other athletes, that everyone thought he was a coach!



motivational speaker"Ruben, you were a light of inspiration on the road to Salt Lake City."

  Mitt Romney -  CEO of the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee



Out of all the Olympic Torchbearers, only 200 were Olympians. Ruben was one of the  200 Olympians selected to be an Olympic Torchbearer for the Salt Lake City Games. Ruben was chosen for the way he embodies the Olympic Spirit and for inspiring others to reach new heights. 

Armed with the same energy and dedication that he put into his athletic career, Ruben brings to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds a truly unique, truly memorable performance that teaches as  it entertains, and inspires as it motivates.


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Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

Salt Lake City Olympics - 84 MPH - click here



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