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Discover the Blueprint to High Achievement

Featured in the FOX Business Channel, "Becoming Unstoppable" is truly a blueprint for success. Written in short, easy to understand chapters, this gem of a book covers the fundamental keys to reaching your personal and business goals.


"Read this book, apply its
timeless principles,
and you'll achieve more
than ever before."

Howard Putnam
Former CEO Southwest Airlines


"This book is a must read."

Don Green
Executive Director of the
Napoleon Hill Foundation


Regularly $19.95, for a limited time,

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Learn the Principles of Success that will Take You to the Next Level in all Areas of Your Life

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Are you willing to alter the course of your life to accomplish your deepest desires? Let Ruben Gonzalez and his proven methods help you achieve the business and personal success you've always dreamed about!

"The Courage to Succeed" will show you how to set goals, unlock your inborn creativity, and overcome any obstacle in your path. Discover how to identify the key skills you need to master in your field, and how to get the support of the most important people in your work and personal life.

You'll learn proven mental training techniques Olympic athletes use to become unstoppable on the way to their dreams.

This life-changing book is endorsed by Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and Lou Holtz!

Only $14.95


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This Book Belongs in Every Office and in Every Bathroom!

"Success Secrets" is a small gem (64 pages) filled with the 50 top tips to success. Every page has a tip, a short explanation of the tip, and a famous quote that drives the point home.

Don't read this once! Keep it in your bathroom and read it over and over again. Your kids will read it too and benefit greatly from its timeless wisdom.

The more you read it, the more success minded you'll become.

Corporations across America order this little gem by the case to help motivate their employees. You'll love it. Guaranteed!

Only $11.95




Audio CDs


Get Fired Up with Ruben's Most Popular CD!

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Would you like to perform at your peak more often? Ever need a pick-me-up when life's storms have you down?

Keep this CD in your car and play it on your way to your next big meeting or sales call. It will instantly fire you up and put you in a winning state of mind.

Learn the cutting-edge techniques Olympic athletes use to become unstoppable from  Ruben's award-winning CD "Becoming Unstoppable: Success Secrets of a Three-time Olympian." 

 Only $14.95

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 Discover How to Win More.
Get Ruben's Book and Ruben's CD!

Face it. If you're like me, you have two types of people in your home; some prefer to read and others prefer to listen to CDs. We're all wired differently. So why not get the set? The CD will inspire and motivate you to action, and the book will teach you step-by-step how to win more in life.Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

I guarantee you that if you play the CD to your kids, they will get fired up with my incredible story and will pick up and read the book on their own. Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Wouldn't you agree that would be a good thing?

What are you waiting for? Why don't you give your family a gift that will help everyone be more successful in school, personally and professionally.


 Only $24.95




 Turn Your Car into a Success University with Ruben's
"The Courage to Succeed" 4 CD Set

Four solid hours of secrets that will catapult you to faster and bigger success in life. Learn techniques Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs use to uncover and eliminate mental obstacles.

  • Learn why it is critical to be crystal-clear about what you want in life.

  • Eliminate fears that are holding you back.

  • Learn how to condition your subconscious mind to turn yourself into a guided missile that won't miss it's target.

  • Learn fail-proof ways to increase your income dramatically.

  • Learn how to eliminate stress and enjoy life to the max.

You'll want to listen to this program time and time again. After listening to it, you will want your kids to listen to it - guaranteed!

 Only $59.95

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Share Ruben's Inspirational Message with Your Family!
Get Ruben's DVD!

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

Would you like to perform at your peak more often? Could your kids benefit from Ruben's message? 

Learn the cutting-edge techniques Olympic athletes use to become unstoppable. 

 This DVD will inspire and equip you to take your performance to the next level.

 Only $59.95

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Help Your Teens Realize Their Dreams!

Motivate your children to succeed in life.

Would you like your teens (or yourself) to commit to their goals and dreams? Would you like them to believe more in themselves? What parent (or grandparent) wouldn't?

By popular demand and after years of research, I've put together a fun, easy to use, step by step system designed specifically to help any 13 - 85 year old to believe more in themselves so they will be motivated to put out full effort in everything they do.

This entertaining program will help your teens believe more in themselves so they will do better in school, in sports, ballet, music school, or any other activity they are involved in.

A program that will help them commit to themselves...


"The Courage to Succeed"  - Book

"Success Secrets of a Three-time Olympian"  - Book

"From Ordinary to Extraordinary"  - DVD

"Becoming Unstoppable"  - Audio CD

 Only $69.95
($117 value)

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"Go for the Gold!"

Learn how to Condition Your Mind and Emotions for Unstoppable Success with Ruben's "Go for the Gold" Personal Success System!




"From Ordinary to Extraordinary"  - DVD

"The Courage to Succeed"  - Book

"Success Secrets of a Three-time Olympian"  - Book

"Becoming Unstoppable" - Book

"Becoming Unstoppable"  - Audio CD

"The Courage to Succeed" - 4 one-hour Audio CDs


If you are ready to start producing extraordinary results, this system will help you get there!  Ruben will show you how to apply this breakthrough technology for permanent and pleasurable results that work.

Learn how to push past obstacles, achieve your goals, and take consistent action. Ruben's personal training system will teach you how to consistently motivate yourself to instantly achieve a peak state of mind.

Learn to live your life not by chance but by design. Break old patterns and destroy limiting beliefs. Condition yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically to create staggering results.

If you've ever imagined having the perfect step-by-step success system that will take you and your kids* to the top, you've found it! Your total life success is just a matter of time when you follow the system Ruben created from his 20 years of intense Olympic training, and 30 years of research and testing. The "Go for the Gold" Success System is packed with all the mental, scientific, and psychological, information you must have to transform your life and create your ideal future. 

* The universal success principles covered in this comprehensive course apply to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are an executive, a housewife, a high school student, an athlete, or an entrepreneur, if you follow this system, you are guaranteed to transform your life.  

 Your Price: $149.95
($217 Value)

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Introducing the Digital Vision Board, the Cutting-Edge Tool that will Help You Focus on Your Goals and Accelerate Your Success!!

The more you focus on your goals and aspirations, the quicker you can realize them. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to let "life" distract us from focusing on what's really important to us.

Check out this simple tool that will help you stay focused on Your priorities so you can accelerate your success.


For a limited time only...

Only $39

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The Champion's Creed
Black Marble Paperweight

I've taken this affirmation with me all over the world. Reading it regularly will help you become resilient in the face of life's challenges.

Stay focused on your goals and decorate your desk with this beautiful 4x4" etched marble "Champion's Creed" paperweight. A great gift for your employees and for your anyone in your life you want to encourage to be their best.

A wonderful gift for any High School or College Graduate.

Also available as a 5x7" or 8.5x11" black marble etching you can display in your office or conference room.

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Ruben's Recommended Reading List

For a list of my favorite biographies, personal development books and my favorite movies, click here.







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