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Ruben Gonzalez

the Luge Man

Three Time Olympian    Peak-Performance Expert     Motivational Speaker


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez.

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 Winning Every Day!

For Winners Who Want to Create a Better Future


1. Raise Your Standards
2. A Weekend that Could Change Your Life
3. Success Quotes
4. Book of the Month

Raise Your Standards

Have you ever worked really hard at something, only to reach your objective and then feel, "Is that all there is?"

Or have you ever done a good job at something only to get reprimanded?

Didn't it make you feel like you had just wasted a lot of time and energy for nothing? Didn't it make you feel unmotivated?

I'm about to share an insight that will explain why that is and how to use that to become motivated to become outstanding.

Life does not reward people based on how well they perform a task or a project. Life has a skewed method of rewarding us. Whenever you do something just good, life punishes you. Whenever you do something very well, life only gives you a good reward. Whenever you do something extremely well, life gives you a very good reward.

But get this. Whenever you are the best, whenever you are absolutely outstanding, life rewards you disproportionately well. You get it all. You get all the rewards all the other people didn't get.

Think about it. If you played street basketball, you were not rewarded much, heck, you were probably reprimanded by some people. If you played High School or College ball, you got some perks, but you had to make a much bigger commitment. If you play pro ball, your perks are much higher. But if you're Michael Jordan, the world is yours.

Is it fair? I don't know. What I do know is that whenever MJ was on the court, he was the most committed player on the court. He was willing to carry the rest of the team on his shoulders if he had to. He raised the bar on himself and he raised it for everybody else. MJ raised the standard in his sport. MJ was outstanding!

I love the Michael Jordans of the world. I love to watch them perform and I love what they do for me. They are a constant reminder that if I will raise the bar and dedicate my life to the pursuit or excellence, the rewards will be magnificent.

Decide to become the MJ of husbands and daddies. Or the MJ of wives and mommies. Or the MJ in your office or even of your field.

Raise the standard. Raise the bar - and enjoy the rewards.

A Weekend that Could Change Your Life

 Let me ask you - If you want to get to break through, become successful, be a celebrity or even a millionaire, shouldn't you learn from those who already are? If nothing else, to learn what they did right, and in many occasions, not so right? How much would it be worth for you, to bypass years of struggle and growing pains to learn what the wealthy already know?

On November 4-6th, 2005 you will have the opportunity to do just that. Imagine the setting in beautiful San Diego, California for 2 nights and 3 days! Friday, the 4th of November, the event begins and goes until Sunday, the 6th in the Grand Ballroom.

The mood and stage will be set for success at the highest of levels. Surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of other like-minded peers, you will have the opportunity to network, listen and learn from the best speakers, entertainers and industry leaders of our time.

Each day I will be joining 4 to 5 "keynote" speakers that will be honored for their accomplishments in their chosen expertise. After which, they will share their key secrets and dynamic power skills toward success with you.

Imagine sitting in the audience learning first hand, from classic inspirational leaders such as the incomparable –

Denis Waitley, author of "The Psychology of Winning"
Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, author of "Life is Tremendous"
Tom Antion, Internet Marketing Guru, author of "Click"
John Assaraf, author of "The Street Smart Kid's Guide to Having it All"
Stephanie Frank, author of "The Accidental Millionaire"

and many others.

Click here for more information on a weekend that will change countless lives…

Quotes on Excellence

"Always do more than is required of you."

General George S. Patton

"The kind of people I look for to fill top management spots are the eager beavers, the mavericks. These are the people who try to do more than they're expected to do. They always reach."

Lee Iacocca

"Success is doing ordinary things uncommonly well."

Orison Swett Marden

"If there's a way to do it better…find it."

Thomas Edison

Book of The Month

"Positive Impact," by Gregory Scott Reid is this month's pick. In this gem of a book, Reid, who's a mentor to many millionaires, shares powerful leadership strategies for creating alliances while earning respect, innovative team-building tactics for finding allies in your journey towards wealth, fresh new business skills that make work fun, and effortless communication techniques for uncovering a speaker's hidden message.

Reid's commonsense message is simple yet profound. It will definitely leave a Positive Impact on your business and life!

Great deals on books.

Don't Keep it a Secret!

Please forward this E-Zine to anyone you know that is interested in achieving personal and professional success.

It's a good way to stay in touch with clients too. Forward them "Winning Every Day" and tell them you were just thinking about them.


Make Your Next Event the Best One Ever!

Does your organization need to rise to the next level? Are you looking for a dynamic and compelling speaker? Then you'll look great when you bring in Ruben Gonzalez to inspire and equip your people.

Through his Olympic Experience, Ruben will show your group how to unlock their hidden potential, how to perform at their peak and how to reach their personal and professional goals.

Ruben's appeared nationally on ABC, CBS, and NBC. Ruben's been featured in Time Magazine, as well as publications in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Argentina. His articles on peak-performance are read in every continent.

Ruben Gonzalez speaks at corporate meetings, conferences , conventions, sales meetings, etc.

Permission to reprint:

You may reprint any items from "Winning Every Day" in your own print or electronic newsletter. But please include the following paragraph:

Three-time Olympian, peak-performance expert, and professional speaker Ruben Gonzalez is the author of the award-winning book “The Courage to Succeed.” For more information, visit www.thelugeman.com  . ruben@thelugeman.com  , 832-689-8282 .


Make it an Olympic Day!



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