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Men’s Start Sigulda, Latvia

So Ruben… How does someone from hot and steamy Houston end up competing in the Winter Olympics in the luge?

When I was 21 I saw Scott Hamilton win the gold medal in figure skating at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics. Hamilton is only 5 foot 1. I said to myself, If that little guy can do it I can too. I’ll be in the next Olympics. I was always very perseverant. I chose the luge cause I thought, “Looks like a lot of broken bones. There must be a lot of quitters. I just won’t quit.” I wrote Sports Illustrated to find out where the luge track was. They said, Lake Placid, NY. I went to Lake Placid and took up the sport. It was brutal. First 2 years I was crashing 4 out of 5 times. I broke a bunch of bones but I kept coming back. By the 3rd year I was crashing 1 out of a hundred times. Then I started competing internationally and I was able to make the Olympic qualification standard – top 50 in the world. I got to compete in four Olympics – Calgary, Albertville, Salt Lake City and Vancouver.


So… what’s it feel like to hurl yourself down an icy mountain at 90 MPH? Is it scary?

Brutal. You’re on the edge the whole time. I was so scared, I “white-knuckled” it for 25 years. You hit 95 MPH on some tracks. Pull up to 6 G forces in the curves. I don’t recommend it.

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40 Minute Podcast by Ruben

Yesterday I was interviewed for a British podcast. I usually don’t do radio interviews anymore but I had a feeling this would be a fun one so I accepted it. You can listen to the 40 minute show here. Enjoy!

What Do You Do When Life Hits You With A Big Challenge?

“Monster” Mike Schultz lost his leg in a snowmobile race and loo at what he did about it…

You don’t want to miss this video.


Olympian Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez

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Leaders are Readers

“The books you read and the people you associate with
will determine where you are in five years.”

Becoming an expert in any subject is a byproduct of years of study fueled by a passionate desire to learn everything about the subject.

I have always been driven to learn anything that could possibly give me an edge in sports and in business. The average American reads one book a year. It only takes reading a book a month to be in the top 5% of readers in the US. Every year since 1984, I have read at least a book a week. Most of the time I’m working on four or five books at a time.

On top of that, since 1984, I have listened to over 1000 audio programs on peak-performance and self improvement. I have attended over 100 seminars in the last ten years.


The following are some of my favorite books:

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Public Speaking Tips from Ruben


How To Take Your Public Speaking to the Next Level

(2006 Interview with Johnny Blue Star)


Ruben Gonzalez brings a unique experience to public speaking. As a three time Olympian in the field of luge racing, a sledding event where the contestant lies supine on a sled and hurtles, feet first, down an ice track at 90 miles. Unlike other Olympians in this area, Ruben started when he was twenty-one, an age where few would dare to enter into an Olympian version of any sport.

In this interview, Ruben brings his own unique approach to public speaking- from creating a carefully structured and intimately understood version of a basic speech, to preparing for an actual performance, from the details of handling an audience to dealing with ones own fears and goals.

Even more helpful, Ruben addresses your over-all training for the formidable task of inspiring and informing strangers about your own specialized message. His website, , supports and amplifies his credentials for bringing to this book and validating a number of our important keys to unlocking the secrets of public speaking.

Read the interview below…

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