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Motivate your children

 Don't Let Your Teens... or Yourself, Drift Through Life Without Any Goals or Dreams!

Help Your Teens... or Yourself Achieve More in Life! 

It's a Lot Simpler than You Think!

(The Foolproof Program for Kids from Age 13 to 95!)


From the desk of Three-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez,

Dear Friend,

Would you like your teens to commit to their goals and dreams? Do you wish there was a way you could bring out the Champion in your teens? What parent wouldn’t?


It's all about Belief...

Teens are no different from adults. They have dreams and aspirations but many times they just need a little boost of confidence to get them going. Because unless your teens believe their dreams are possible, they will not take action. But how do you get your teens to believe in themselves?

Telling them to believe in themselves will not work. What will work is for them to see inspiring examples of other people who beat great odds to reach THEIR dreams.

You see, belief is an inside thing. Every teen has a Champion within them but many times the Champion in your teens is dormant. Something must happen to wake up the Champion within them. The moment the Champion within your teens wakes up, your teen will be transformed and will start behaving like a Champion. After all, Champions are just ordinary people that believe in themselves enough to become extraordinary.

Read on to learn how this happened to me...

For years I didn’t believe it was possible for someone like me (a marginal athlete) to make it to the Olympics, so I was not motivated to take action. It wasn’t until I saw tiny Scott Hamilton win the Figure Skating Gold Medal at the Sarajevo Olympics that I started to believe that if I was willing to work hard enough, I could realize my Olympic Dream too.

And by the way, when I saw Scott Hamilton win the Gold, I was 21 years old! WAY too old to take up a new sport. Well, my story proves that if you BELIEVE something is possible, and you are willing to do the work, then you can do it. Because 4 years later I was competing in the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

Teens need inspiring examples to get them to believe in themselves enough to take action on their dreams.

If you agree with what you just read, wait until you read this...


 Motivate your children to succeed in life.

 Scott Hamilton - Sarajevo 1984


By Popular Demand...

Everywhere I speak, parents tell me they wish their teens had been there to listen to my story. They tell me they have kids involved in sports, or ballet, or other activities but that their kids are not putting out full effort.

Parents like you tell me their kids could be doing so much better in school if they only applied themselves. They tell me their kids don’t believe in themselves enough to really go for it. They tell me it breaks their hears to watch their kids coasting through life instead of pursuing their dreams.

Is something like this happening in YOUR home? Read on...

Parents tell me that if their kids had heard my story, the story of how I went from a second string soccer player to an Olympic athlete in four years flat, their kids would definitely be more motivated to be their best.

There's a Champion inside every kid. There's a Champion inside your kid. You just have to know how to bring the Champion out.

After more than four years of having parents tell me about their kids I’ve finally broken down and have put together a special program designed to help motivate your kids to be their best. 


Motivate your children to succeed in life.Motivate your children to succeed in life.

From Warming Up the Bench to the Olympics in Four Years Flat!



 Introducing, The  

“Bring out the Champion in Your Teens”

Success Program!

The Four Step Success System that Will Help Your Teens be Their Best!





I'm so convinced that you will love this family success system that I'm going to do something for your benefit that will surprise you and prove to you how incredible my offer really is...


Read on...



Watching Scott Hamilton got me to believe in myself and to start living up to my potential. I want to be YOUR kid's Scott Hamilton. I want my story to help your kids believe they can reach their dreams if they are willing to apply themselves.Motivate your children to succeed in life.

This program is a four-step system that your teens will love. They'll love it because they won't have to do anything... simply be entertained...

Today’s kids were weaned on MTV. Obviously, the best way to reach the MTV Generation is through a Video. So I’ve created an action-packed video filled with great Olympic stories that will get them to believe in themselves and see that the sky’s the limit.



Step #1

The Video DVD - "Becoming Unstoppable"

The video starts with a BANG! It starts with one of my luge runs form the Olympics - YES! 84 MPH hair-raising excitement that gets their attention right away. From there, it goes right into my story of how I went from a bench-warming, second-string soccer player to competing in the Olympics in four years flat!

The video is funny, entertaining, and high energy, as well as inspiring, motivating, and filled with life lessons that validate what you’re already teaching your kids.

My stories illustrate the importance of reading biographies to learn from others who have reached their dreams, about associating with encouraging, high-achieving people that will help you be your best, about having a dream, developing belief, creating a plan, working the plan, persevering through victory, and a whole lot more... 

Wouldn't you want your kids to understand the importance of those keys to success?

 Motivate your children to succeed in life.

How to use the Video DVD

Pop a big bowl of popcorn... order a pizza... and either watch the video together, or better yet, let your kids watch it on their own (or with their friends – make it an Olympic party!).

Make it fun! Don’t make a big deal about it. Tell them the video's a funny story about an Olympic athlete you just met. Then let the video work its magic...

I guarantee you that 30 seconds into the video, your kids will be hooked. They’ll see what you saw, and feel what you felt when you heard me speak. They will start believing that maybe, just maybe, they can make their dreams come true as well.

Wouldn't you want your kids to be filled with hope for the future so they can be their best today?

The video's great, but there's more...


 Step #2

The Audio CD - "Becoming Unstoppable"

This is not just the MTV Generation. It’s the iPod Generation. AFTER your kids have watched the video, tell them you also have a CD they can listen on their CD player or upload to their iPod. Let them know that the CD has stories that are not in the DVD.

Important!   To get the best results out of this program, your kids need to want to listen to the CD and read the books. They need to do it on their own. You can’t push them. The best way to accomplish this is to show them the video, and THEN tell them you also have a really cool CD and books that tell the WHOLE story.

Kids love stories. And they are naturally curious. After watching the video, your kids will want to learn “the rest of the story.” They’ll listen to the CD and read the books on their own. And along the way, they’ll pick up the principles of success on their own. They will start believing in themselves more and will become more motivated.

This is not rocket science. It’s simply taking advantage of human nature.

This will be the simplest and most effective system you've ever used!

That's not all, there's more....


 Step #3

The Books - "The Courage to Succeed" and "Success Secrets"  

“The Courage to Succeed” is filled with all the great stories that did not fit in my one hour speech. It’s also filled with great pictures (kids love pictures) that bring the stories to life. The book is solid as a rock. It's endorsed by Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, and many more peak performance experts. The book drives the success principles home.

“Success Secrets” is a gem of a book. It has the top 50 tips your kids will need to realize their dreams. It’s a quick read. A 10 year old could read the whole book in an hour. But a little at a time is much more effective because you want them to think about the principles of success. That's why I would suggest keeping “Success Secrets” in the bathroom. It’s perfect for the “Family Reading Room.”

Repetition is the mother of knowledge. By the time your kids have read the books, they will have gotten the principles of success three different ways (watching the DVD, listening to the CD, and reading the books). They don't realize it, but little by little, the principles are taking root in their minds. Best of all they are having fun - by now they are probably sharing the stories with their friends.

Now, something really special to help drive all those success principles home...


 Step #4

Motivate your children to succeed in life.


The Autographed “Champion’s Creed” Card

The Champion’s Creed is the affirmation I read before every luge run while training and during the Olympics. Today I have it taped on my bathroom mirror. I read it when I get up in the morning and at night before going to bed. The Champion's Creed will help condition your kids to become perseverant on the road to their dreams.

I will include two autographed “Champion’s Creed” cards – one for you and one for your son or daughter. The card also has a full color picture of me racing on the luge at 84 MPH. This is to anchor all the feelings your child gets from the video, CD, and books and help them truly believe.

Important note: When you order this program for your kids, make sure to include their names so I can write a personalized note to each one of them.




So, what are you waiting for? Don't you think your kids DESERVE anything that will help them to be their best?

Get the program that will motivate your teens to reach their potential!

I promised you I would do something for your benefit that would surprise you. Well here it is...

This program is normally $117 but for a limited time we're making it available for...

Only $79.95


Testimonials from Kids of all Ages...

You'd expect me to tell you that this program is the best thing since sliced bread. So rather than tell you myself, I'll share with you just a couple of testimonials about how my systems have helped people just like you and your kids overcome challenges and take control of their lives.



National Level Tennis Player

Motivate your children to succeed in life.

The CD helped him get out of a slump!

"I am a tennis player who plays national and state-level tournaments. I was going through a rough time in my training, and was in a slump when my mother suggested that I should listen to Ruben's CD. 

Ruben said a whole bunch of things that ring true in life.

Ruben reiterated plenty of ideals that I needed to get back to, many as simple as believing in yourself

Listening to the CD made me train harder and work harder, and make the Mount Everest obstacles look like speed bump obstacles.

I would recommend any athlete, competitive and recreational, to listen to Ruben’s CD so that they may become inspired as I did."

 James McLane - Green Cove Springs, Florida





That's a great story, but what about this...




A Real Winner's Story


Motivate your children to succeed in life.

This lady's a true inspiration!

Dear Ruben,

"We met about a year ago when you came to give a speech.  I introduced myself, bought your tapes and told you I had just taken up rowing...after years of inactivity and 2 artificial knees.

 Well, Ruben.  I've used your tapes, I've read the inspiration you send...and I will be competing in a 100 mile kayak race September 2 and 3 on the Colorado River from Bastrop to Columbus.  I've trained hard physically since January, both in a kayak and in the gym. 

I'm in the best shape and condition I have ever been in my life.  Your tapes have helped me immeasurably with the mental toughness that I know will be required to paddle for 20+ hours. You have no idea how many times I hear your voice when I'm in the middle of Galveston Bay with 5' swells and a 20 mph crosswind!

 I know I'll finish that race and when I do...at 56 I'll be the oldest female to ever finish it!

 So thank you.  I don't know what the next year's goal will be for me...but The Luge Man will be a huge inspiration for me no matter what it is!”

Cait Pomeroy - Pasadena, TX





Read about how this system is helping young Cancer survivors...




Helping Young Cancer Survivors



Yeshim Yonter -

Founder, Cancer Survivors' Fund

“We have been using your books, CDs and DVDs to inspire and motivate our young Cancer Survivor Students.

 Our students were able to relate to you so well that you have become their role model. Each one of them is a better achiever and goal setter now than last year.

 Your materials made a big difference in their academic work and their attitudes.

 Thank you for raising the bar for our students. You are an important part  of their lives.”

 Yeshim Yonter - Founder – Cancer Survivors’ Fund      





Life is tough, this system will help your kids become tougher so they can overcome life's challenges. Read this email...




"There are not enough words that can express the way your story has made me feel, inspired me, and of course motivated me. I didn't just listen to your presentation, I absorbed every word. Wanting to know more I bought your book, DVD, and CD.

  Whenever I'm feel like I'm starting to think about my challenges, and not my goals, I listen to your CD, and I also imagine your coach talking to me. This gets me back on track!"

Melanie Gilmore






Not Convinced yet? Fine...


I told you that I was so sure you would love this system that I would do something extra special for you to prove how incredible my offer really is.


Well, here goes...


If you're unhappy with this system, I'll let you return it any time you like for a full refund. That's right. There's no trial period. Just send it back to me any time and I'll refund every penny of your $79.95 purchase price!



So, what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

But... what do your kids have to lose if you don't take advantage of this offer?

Who knows? Because you don't know what you don't know and what you don't know could hurt you.


Don't your kids deserve ANYTHING that could possibly help them out in life?

If you think they do, take advantage of this great offer today.




This special offer is only available for a limited time, so act now.

Normally $117

Your Price: Only $79.95






"As I write this I am listening to your audio CD message Becoming Unstoppable! What an inspiring message you have and EVERY time I listen to it - it pumps me up!

Everyone needs to hear what you have to say!  As I was listening to your message it dawned on me that the Luge was your vehicle to the Olympics but it was God’s vehicle to help you help others!"

Larry Erdos - Pittsburgh


Friend, I get one or two letters like this every week. They humble me because I'm just an ordinary guy who went after his dream. Heck, I pinch myself so much that I got to do all that stuff, that my arms are black and blue!

If an ordinary guy like me could realize his dream, anyone can. That's why I'm passionate about helping kids. That's why I want to pass the torch of success to kids everywhere. Imagine what your kids can do with their lives if they are exposed to the principles of success at an early age!


Motivate your children to succeed in life.

Help Me Pass the Torch of Success to Your Kids


After all, if someone like me could make it to the Olympics three times, your kids can do ANYTHING! But the first step is to get them to believe that they can.

Motivate your children to succeed in life.

You see, after reading hundreds of biographies, I've come to realize that there is no such thing as a great person. High achievers are simply ordinary people that believed in themselves enough to start doing extraordinary things. 

Do your kids a huge favor, get them the program that will help them know in their heart that they have what it takes to realize their dreams! The program that will help THEM start achieving extraordinary things...


Once again, congratulations on investing in your kids and in your family and make it an Olympic Caliber Year!



"I'm on my 3rd time listening to your CD set, “The Courage to Succeed.” It's totally awesome and I get something new each time I listen. It's like opening a present over and over again. Thank you so much!!!


I highly recommend all of your products."


                 Nancy Bayliss – Middleburg, FL




"No Olympian I have ever met has more of what makes a champion than Ruben Gonzalez. "

Dr. Denis Waitley Author, Seeds of Greatness (former Chairman of Psychology , U.S. Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Council)




Motivate your children to succeed in life.

What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to make a huge difference in your kid's lives.

Go ahead, pass the Torch of Success to your kids!

Get the program that will motivate your kids to win big in life!


You'll be glad you did!


For a limited time only...

Only $79.95


Ruben Gonzalez
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