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"Practical advice that will energize and empower you to succeed. Ruben hits you with the absolute truth about what it takes to succeed in the real world."

Jim Rohn - America's Foremost Business Philosopher (Tony Robbin's Mentor)




The Courage to Succeed is filled with excellent advice…. Apply its teachings and watch your life change!”

  - Ken Blanchard- author of The One Minute Manager




"Ruben was a Hit! Inspiring! He makes me want to be a better person - to have faith about myself. I learned about the value of life - to fight for what I want."


Marissa Contreras - Marriott Hotels




"You were awesome! Above all expectations. Thanks so very much---I think Nancy's comment "you're the best I've ever heard" about summed it up. You're enthusiasm is contagious. I'm fired up!"

Donna Dawson - Big Planet




"Ruben’s very being exhudes "Wow …. Motivation….Zowee….". Excellent! Inspirational. You have inspired me to stay true to my vision and continue to pursue my goals. I am so glad I attended. You are a terrific speaker!"

Diane Greene –City of Houston



Ruben Gonzalez
2111 Highland Stone Ct.
Katy, TX 77450

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